Class Schedule

We’re different than your average indoor cycling studio.

Just like our beautiful and diverse community, our TURN rides are never the same- our classes vary in style and instructor from morning to night. 

We pride ourselves in going against the grain, and empowering our members to choose the class that most aligns with their style. 

TURN It Up Metrics Ride –  Erika’s signature 50 minute ride is designed to make you work hard!  She focuses on a variety of metrics including RPM, Wattage, Power, Endurance and Aerobic conditioning all while distracting you with her playlist.  You leave feeling truly TURN’d Up!

HIIT Ride – HIIT Ride’s are 45 minutes long and incorporate repeated high – intensity intervals followed by short, active recovery periods.  This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Come to class ready to HUSTLE!

Hangover Cure Ride – Erika’s 45 minute fast-paced, high-intensity ride that’s sure to help you sweat out the toxins of your Saturday night. The playlist may be reminiscent of your Saturday night shenanigans.

Feel Good Friday Ride – Friday rides at 5:45pm will get you pumped up for the weekend!  This calorie torching ride will help you burn all of the calories and get your weekend started with the ultimate feel good playlist.  Get ready to party!

TURN Up For What – Amanda’s Signature 45 minute ride is anchored in the beat of the music.  Challenge yourself by maintaining the beat as she takes you through a series of high energy drills during each song while making sure you get a serious sweat session in.

Cycle Bootcamp – Meet Kathy, your cycling drill sergeant. She will cue specific tempos and resistances for 30 minutes, hitting tough climbs and speedy descents. This class is designed to build endurance and strength on the bike.

Rhythm Ride – Cristina’s Signature workout designed to move you to the beat. Leave the metrics behind, and let the playlist guide you. Climb, jump and sprint in this 45-minute cardio sesh.

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